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VCI Packaging


VCI Plastics

VCI Plastic films made from LDPE are coextruded and contain specialized VCI chemicals that are impregnated and present on surface for enhanced long term rust protection.

Rustx VCI Plastic

The use of VCI Plastics isolate the components from influx of humidity during the breathing action of the container, humidity transferred from corrugated boxes, wooden pallets which may cause corrosion of the components.

Rustx VCI Plastic

VCI Plastics treat the atmosphere inside the packaging and make it inert an be sealed and hence provides an air tight environment. They are heat sealable and highly transparent.VCI Plastics provide dry protection to metal and leaves to stains and depositions on the metal surfaces.

VCI Plastic

VCI Plastics - 2D Bags

Product Code : VCI-702

2 D Bags are bottom sealed or side with VCI coating of 8-12 gsm. It is available in sizes of width 2” to 50”. The usual thickness for the material is between 75 microns to 200 microns. It is generally available in yellow or blue

Rustx VCI Plastic 2D Bags

VCI Plastics - 3D Pallet Liners

Product Code : VCI-704

Three Dimensional bags sealed from bottom, has all four walls and bottom sealed and extended flaps to cover the top. They are the foremost and best solution for sea shipments of auto parts as they provide a sealed environment.

Rustx 3D Pallet

VCI Polyester Packaging

Product Code : VCI 705

Polyester laminates coated with VCI provide ultimate rust prevention and with upto 6 colour printing can maintain the authenticity and integrity of the product. Usually used in after market to maintain product image. Best way to support marketing of product.

Rustx Polyster Packaging

VCI Metbarr - Metal Barrier Bags

Product Code : VCI 708

METAL BARRIER TECHNOLOGY is used to prevent moisture penetration for articles which travel in open condition and require high moisture barrier.
These are also used where the sea transit time is long or components are placed without individual packaging and require very high moisture protection.
The metal barrier film is totally impermeable to humidity. After the machine or components are packed, the chemicals from the paper surface evaporate and form a VCI atmosphere inside the packaging and prevent corrosion due to the humidity.

Rustx Metal Barrier

VCI Bubble Wraps

Product Code : VCI 706

VCI Bubble wraps are preferred where a impact resistance is to be provided to the component to prevent dents, scratches along with the prevention of rusting on the components. These are available in the form of VCI Bags of the size of cartons, machinery, bags, sheets, roll form.

Rustx VCI Bubble Sheet

VCI Foam

Product Code : VCI 710

VCI Foam has seen a growing response. It is used in place of corrugated separators. The components are protected from dents, scratches along with the prevention of rusting on the components. VCI Foam provides a cushioning effect due to an expanded Poly Ethylene structure.

Rustx VCI Plastic

VCI Shrink

Product Code : VCI 709

VCI Shrink films are widely used to pack heavy machinery, engines, bearings, CKD's, SKD's and combination products that have a tendency to move and get scratched during sea shipments or storage. VCI shrink film hold the material tight once shrunk.
VCI shrink reduces the total volume and increases the proximity of VCI chemicals to metals surface. It is available in both 2 D and 3D structures.

Rustx VCI Plastic

VCI HDPE Paper Laminates

HDPE fabric reinforced paper is used to make 3-Dimensional pallet bags which are placed inside the pallets and provide physical barrier between the atmospheres.
These are also used as machine or automotive bodies covers and provides high strength and long term corrosion protection.

Rustx VCI HDPE Paper

This is a 4 layer products with composition as below:
1. Layer 1 - LDPE Lamination
2. Layer 2 - HDPE Fabric
3. Layer 3 - LDPE Lamination
4. Layer 4 - VCI Paper - 15-18 gsm coating


VCI Paper Product Code : VCI-602 / 603

Volatile Chemicals coated on Natural Kraft Paper can provide protection of up to 10 YEARS in packaged condition.

Goods wrapped in or protected by RUST-X VCI paper are not affected by corrosion. The reason for this is that the air surrounding the metals protected with RUST-X paper, is very heavily impregnated with the inhibitors released from the protective paper.

The micro-moisture droplets become so heavily impregnated with corrosion inhibitors released from RUST-X VCI paper that these droplets themselves become rust preventives, and will not form corrosion on the metal surfaces. In effect corrosion cannot occur in vicinity of the VCI Paper.

Technical Data:-


Natural Kraft made from Virgin Pulp




60gsm, 80gsm and 100gsm




Available PE Lamination 12microns and 24 microns


12-15 gsm


Available also custom printed


Standard 250 sqm rolls but custom width and length available as required




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