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VCI Accessories



HDPE tapes with high adhesive properties for best tackiness in humid environment.

Rustx VCI HDPE Tape

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes with special toughening of flute to withstand upto 3MT load. The flute is bidrectional to provide better strength.

Rustx Corrugated Box

pH Meter

Handy PPM and pH meters can be used even by the operators. No more reliance on lab chemists for obtaining data.

Rustx pH Meter

Heat Sealer

Seal your bags to inhibit influx of moisture in your packaging and prevent outflux of VCI from the packaging.

Rustx Heat Sealer

Humidity Meter

Humidity meter is the best equipment of control to check moisture in boxes and wood. Sharp high tensile steel teeth provide longer life.

Rustx Humidity Meter
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