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VCI HDPE Paper Laminated Papers and VCI HDPE Laminated PE

VCI Coil Wrape is the premium corrosion inhibiting reinforced paper in the industry. VCI Coil Wrape provides ultimate corrosion protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It eliminates the need to stock a variety of papers for all the different types of metals and alloys you need to protect. Additionaly,it is non-toxic and doesn’t contain any nitrites, phosphates, silicates or other hazardous compounds.


VCI Coil Wrape is made from the highest quality neutral natural kraft paper laminated with HDPE Fabric and has excellent tear resistance. VCI Coil Wrape offers a barrier to water, oil and grease. There are no chemical concentrations to calculate, no chemical tanks or application system to maintain. Just wrap your products in the Coil Wrape, and fold edges together. Use adhesive tape as needed to hold paper folds in place.

Products Available:-

VCI 599 - 3 Layer product - HDPE with PE lamination on one side and VCI Plastic lamination on the other.

VCI 600 - 3 layer product. Layer 1 HDPE Fabric, Layer 2 PE binding Lamination and Layer 3 VCI Paper.

VCI 601 - 4 layer product. Layer 1 PE Laminaition, Layer 2 HDPE Fabric, Layer 3 PE Lamination and Layer VCI paper.

VCI Crepe paper Rust-X VCL 605,606,607

High-strength VCI crepe paper is one of the up-to-date packaging paper, made of virgin kraft pulp after mixing safe and reliable additives. It is creped to provide added elongation during the winding of the paper on the coil.


RustX 605 - Non VCI Crepe Paper
RustX VCI 606 - VCI Crepe Paper for Iron and Aluminum
RustX VCI 607 - VCI Crepe Paper for Multimetals

ProtecGuard Sheet RUST-X VCI 595

Protec Guard Sheet is typically used to wrap the coils and pallets to protect it from damage. It is a wonder product with embossing that forms a pseudo thickness of 0.5mm sheet equal to 3mm. Pseudo thickness provides excellent strength, dent prevention, puncture resistance and resistance again load compression.

It is an excellent replacement to CR/ GI / GP Sheets used to cover coils pallets. It offers a minimum 50% cost savings when compared against conventional packing methods.

Rust Preventive Oil RUST-X VCI 145 A or 132 A

On larger components like machines, valves, pumps, CR Bodies, CR Coils Engine assemblies, Chassis, Leaf springs, etc. that cannot be dipped or components placed on stands or movable trolleys. These oils provide excellent corrosion protection during storage and transportation. It is ideal for application by gavity or electrostatic spraying of oil.

This is a non dry type oil with flash point of 220 degree C and salt spray life of >72 hours in ASTM B 117 test standard. Different viscosity products are available suited to different applications

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