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RustX 40 Aerosol SPRAY BOTTLE



RUST-X Rust Preventive Oils have longer corrosion prevention ability owing to its registered and patented VCI
technology. Rust-X oils prevent corrosion of the metallic components in the most damaging environment by
providing sea worthy corrosion prevention from saline atmosphere as well as during long term storage of  
RUST-X 40 spray contains a thin film type rust preventive oil, which provides lubrication during use but dries
to an invisible film after 5-10 minutes of application. This film is capable of providing short to long-term
corrosion prevention depending upon the usage, packaging and the environment.
RUST-X 40 works well for steel, aluminum, iron, brass, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and other multi-metal
systems. The penetrating property of the oil provides ability to loosens rust, stuck bolts, hinges and other
mechanical pasts. This also reaches and lubricates crevices, voids and difficult to reach areas.
RUST-X 40 has a dewatering and water displacement property and removes moisture and water from metal
surfaces, car delcos, spark plugs, cables and battery terminals.                                                  rustx 40 spray



The product can be applied by spraying onto the areas, which have to be cleaned or lubricated



Property                        Value
Colour  Transparent on application
Odour  Mild Jasmine Odour
Dewatering  Pass
Degreasing  Pass
Flash Point After Drying  220 C
Rust Preventive Layer  1 Micron
Protection Period  2-3 years in packed condition for a steel component



450 ml can