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Rust Removers


Acid Rust Remover

Rust Remover - RR 500

Rusting is the biggest disease for the steel or automotive component industry. Hi-Tech Internationals proprietory rust converters, help in the recovery of metal by converting the rust back to steel. Rusted components can be retained back by the process of rust removers, then neutralization and finally applying rust preventive oils.

 Rustx Rust Remover

Rustx Rust Remover

Rust Remover - Neutrasafe

Rust Remover-Neutrasafe is a specialised pH neutral rust remover that actively removes rust from the metal surface without causing any dark spots, colour changes or pitting on the surface of the component.

The word ‘Neutrasafe’ defines the product quality of being safe to work with and neutral pH unlike acid band rust removers which are difficult to work with the parts can be brushed with or dipped in the neutrasafe solution for a few minutes till the rust is completely removed. These can be then rinsed with normal water, cleaned with a cloth and applied with a rust preventive solution.

Rustx Neutrasafe

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